Yannick Kalantzis

Research interests

Macroeconomics, international economics


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Current research

  • "Accounting for deindustrialization" (in progress), with Lilas Demmou and Camille Thubin
  • "Deindustrialization across time and space: Insights from France and other European countries" (in progress), with Camille Thubin
  • "Asset Price Support Policy During Crises: How Aggressive Should it Be?" (in progress), with Romain Rancière and Aaron Tornell
  • "Understanding Household Savings in China: the Role of the Housing Market and Borrowing Constraints" (2012), with Matthieu Bussière, Romain Lafarguette, and Terry Sicular.

Published articles

Policy papers and commentaries


Positions held


A full resume is available here.

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